Promoting love and fighting hate

Since our current President has taken office we have seen an unprecedented rise in hate crimes and intolerance across our nation. Tacoma has some incredible diversity that we should be embracing. We need to be working together and not building walls within our communities. I look forward to working in our community to promote tolerance, openness, and understanding so all families can thrive.

Standing up for Workers & Supporting Small Business

Through my work in the Ministerial Alliance I have become an outspoken advocate for passing progressive policies that support workers an fight wage inequality. We need to continue to work to promote living wage jobs and to hold large corporations accountable to the workers that make their companies great. We also have incredible small businesses here in our city that contribute to our culture and the vibrancy of our city. We must look for ways to help them stay competitive and find new ways to help engage them with their local government. I would lend a particular focus to promoting women and minority owned businesses as one way of helping combat social inequities.

Investing in Infrastructure & Our Quality of Life

One of the central focuses of our local government is providing essential services so our city remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. Investing in traffic infrastructure, parks, and other essential services creates living wage jobs in our community and helps us prepare for the future. Streets, sidewalks, and investments in our business districts are all a priority and we must work with regional leaders to promote transit and other programs to help move people and goods around the city.

Public Safety & Police Accountability

Our police and firefighters do incredible work keeping us safe and as a Councilmember I would look to find additional ways to provide them the support they deserve. That said, I have also worked to improve community relations with our local police force and I believe we have more work to do to ensure community members and our police are working together toward our mutual goal of a safe Tacoma.

Housing Affordability

Tacoma is growing rapidly and many families are feeling the pinch. Rents are rising rapidly in our communities and folks are being displaced. We need to work to provide more affordable housing options and work with the community to make sure residents, especially seniors on fixed incomes, are not being forced out of their homes. We need to hold developers accountable to ensure they include housing for a range of income levels and work on a strategic plan to promote the development of affordable options along transit corridors.