• Community Leader advocating for Local Families
  • Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church since 2000
  • President of NAACP Tacoma and Board Member of Tacoma Urban League


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Dear Supporters:

I want to sincerely thank each one of you for your labor of love given to my (our) campaign. Everyone one of you did an amazing job and everyone one of you are very special to me and will always occupy a very special place in my heart. I don’t know what the future holds for me as far as running for another political office, however, if God is willing and I do decide to run for another political office, I want every last one of you to assist me in that endeavor.

Although we did not have the victory we set out for, your efforts and support, whether through donations, words of encouragement, personal conversations, phonebanking, doorbelling, attending interviews and forums with me for moral support or whatever you did, I love you and appreciate you for it.

Also, I’m elated that over 4,000 voters embraced my vision of living wage jobs, affordable healthcare, more affordable homes and apartments in the City of Tacoma, transparency and authentic democracy to improve community safety, and felt that I had the capacity to advocate for their needs in the City of Tacoma. With that said, I believe it is my responsibility to continue to be a voice for the people of Tacoma, using every opportunity to do so. I remain committed to building a stronger and more prosperous Tacoma for every resident to enjoy and raise a family.

I challenge you to continue to serve our great city, the City of Destiny. You are a leader in your own right, and together, we WILL WIN in this endeavor to make Tacoma, the City of Destiny, one of the most livable cities in the nation.

You can do this by joining me in supporting Political Destiny. You can find out more at

Much Love in Christ,
Pastor Christopher
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Thank you Reverend C! For all that you do for our community and city!!! You are a good man. God Bless you!!!

Thank you for running Pastor Christopher! You made us proud. :)

We will do it the next time. So proud of you. God's blessings. Love You in Jesus Name.

Proud to have helped and thankful for your efforts.

9 months ago

Pastor Christopher for Tacoma City Council

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Sorry to have been out of town & missed this.

Congratulations Victoria!!!


Congratulations Pastor Christopher from Bill and April Thompson

9 months ago

Pastor Christopher for Tacoma City Council

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Give us a Honk! Sign wavers on 72nd St this afternoon encouraging votes for Pastor Christopher.Image attachment